How To Use Tandem Kids as a Provider

  1. Click on the Tandem Kids icon to open the app.
  2. Once the app has loaded, You can choose “Join meeting” or “Host meeting”. Select “Host meeting”
  3. On the “Host meeting” screen, You will see two inputs. The top input is your Meeting ID, and the one on the bottom is the password for that meeting. Please keep in mind, each Meeting ID and password are one-time use only. If you leave this screen, the Meeting ID and password will reset and you will be given a new one, and the old one will be unretrievable. This is important to note because you will need to use a messaging app or email in order to send the Meeting ID to another user. 
  4. To copy the Meeting ID, select the Clipboard button on the right of the inputs.
  5. After you’ve copied the Meeting ID, you’ll need to switch out of the Tandem Kids app, and select either a messaging app or email to send the other user the Meeting ID.
  6. Repeat Step 4 but this time copy and send the password.
  7. Press submit.
  8. After pressing submit, you will see two buttons, “Join Session” allows you to enter the session using the regular camera and “Join as Tandem Buddy” allows you to enter using the augmented animal avatars. Once you’ve chosen an option, you will enter the meeting if the other party has connected, or you will see a waiting message as the other party tries to connect. For the purpose of this demo, we’re going to select “Join as Tandem Buddy”
  9.  Select “Join as Tandem Buddy”
  10.  You will be prompted to allow Tandem Kids access to your camera and microphone, please select allow to grant access.
  11. Once you’re in the session, you’ll be able to mute your mic, hang up the call, and also change the avatar or camera mode. We’ll explore how to change avatars and camera modes in the next video.