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Tandem Kids is a one-of-a-kind telehealth platform specifically designed for child therapists.

Key features include augmented reality avatars (Tandem Buddies) and video chat. As we grow we will be adding more features like built-in play therapy activities for younger clients, group sessions, screensharing, HIPAA compliant-video and more.

Our beta is free to try. After the beta is complete, we’ll offer different plans starting at $50USD per month.

Security and Compliance

Tandem Kids is not HIPAA compliant yet, but we still take security and electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) very seriously. Here is a summary of what measure we take to protect you:

  • No data is collected or stored. 
  • Each Meeting ID and password are unique and one-time-use only.

Nope – Tandem Kids does not record or store any video sessions.

Requirements to use Tandem Kids

Yep. Tandem Kids provides an app for both iOS and android users.

No. But therapists will need to provide us with their client’s email in order to receive the Beta test invite.


  • iPhone SE and above
  • iPad 7th generation and above.


  •  All android devices are supported.

At the moment, no. As technology develops, we will eventually be able to support web browsers.

For all Android users, please send us an email to support@tandemkids.app or use our live chat feature and one of our team members will provide you with further instructions on how to download Tandem Kids on Android devices.


To start a session as a provider, please visit How To Use Tandem Kids for more detailed instructions.

Please visit How To Change Avatars for more detailed instructions.

Not quite yet, we’re working on it! 

Screensharing will be available in the near future! Please subscribe to stay up to date on new releases!


We’re available via live chat or email (support@tandemkids.app). We do our best to provide timely, thorough, and thoughtful responses to every email within just a few hours during this time.

In addition to online support, we also offer the following way to connect with Product Specialists:

  • One-on-one 30-minute training sessions with an Onboarding Specialist
  • Video call screen-shares scheduled upon request at a time that’s convenient for you

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